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Norton Internet Security 2012 19.1.1

Norton Internet Security 2012 is the newest version of the complete security suite created by Symantec, one of the most popular security software brands in the world.
With Norton Internet Security 2012 your system will be fully protected against viruses and spyware, including the network connections and when web browsing. The program features filters to prevent unauthorized access to your computer and avoid identity theft on the web, as well as protect your web browser and email from other online threats – all of these without constantly interrupting your work with nagging messages. Norton Internet Security even includes a special Facebook scan to detect malicious links.
Like Norton Antivirus 2012, Norton Internet Security 2011 also includes the new Norton Insight Protection and thePerformance Alerts. The first one informs you of emerging threats thanks to the Norton user community, while the second one helps you optimize the system's performance with warnings about slow apps.
The interface in Norton Internet Security 2012 has been slightly redesigned to make it clearer and easier to use. The downside of a simpler design, however, is that the interface is not as informative as it could be, at least at first sight.
Norton Internet Security 2011 is an excellent security suite that provides you with all the tools you need to fully protect your system against online threats.

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